Hello, my name is Javon Swaby and I’m a photographer based in Mississauga, ON.

My interest in photography extends all the way back to the days of film and Kodak disposable cameras that I was introduced to as a child. I feel this early life introduction to cameras is what led me to discover my deep set passion for photography later in life.

What I love and find so amazing about photography is the limitless potential for creativity that exists; you can take a photo of an apple, but you can take that photo in a million different ways and that’s the beauty of it.

I love traveling the world (with my camera of course), learning new languages, and experiencing different cultures.

Aside from photography, some of my hobbies include weight training, cooking, playing video games, and watching anime and fantasy movies which are a huge inspiration for myself and my photography.

My biggest goal in life is to grow by putting myself out there and by not letting myself get too comfortable because I feel the most growth occurs when in discomfort. I want to capture the world and its moments like I’m telling a story because it really rings true that a single picture can speak a thousand words.

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