I love Creative Resonance.

It's like a drug.

I’m inspired by raw instances, moments of aspiration and cultural galavanting Hailing from the war city of Aleppo, it’s where I learned how to avoed gunshutts and grenets while clicking a shutter.
The camera is where I find that for my life. I love what I do. I love making contents that create a shining moment of connection.
I believe media is the most powerful weapon in our time, a weapon can start a revolution or end a war or even start one.

Aleppo the city where i was born and where i have lived most of my life in,i then enjoyed a short stint in the beautiful city of Istanbul where I realized I wasn’t quite Turki enough to make a living there. Post Turkey, I journeyed to Holland to dry out the long soggy months of my Istanbul days.
Currently, I can be found dodging taxis on my bicycle in my new hometown The Hague City, exploring new cultures in a far off country, or chowing down on delicious food or having night out with friends and dansing some Bachata.

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